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Graduated in fashion in Florence, born in the region of Marche, since her childhood breathes the creativity of a family that sensitizes her to the pleasure of living in beauty.

Flower Art Creation was born exactly from the need to relish and transmit to others this point of view.Lover of Art in all its forms, she finds in flowers her expressive medium with which express her ever-evolving but always harmonious, authentic and a little crazy style.

A passionate style that is renovate thanks to the desire to experiment and attend the most valid courses to keep up-date.

Able to empathize, her mission is and always has been, not just to satisfy the customer’s needs but to amaze and exceed the expectations.

“I have proved to myself and others many times that anything is possible and I will continue to do so.”



Family entrepreneurs, among the various activities open in the restaurant world and beyond, the flower shop is one of the last.

This new entry has allowed them to realize the passion for flowers that has always existed.

They are characterized by a particular taste for interior design that characterizes all their activities, giving a particularly charming and emotional atmosphere that perfectly matches the style of Flower Art Creation.